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Oil & Gas Wells GIS Map Data - Gulf Area

Oil & Gas Wells GIS Map Data - Gulf Area

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Hart Energy has collected these data from all these different sources. These data files come in multiple different formats and with multiple different attributes. Hart Energy has analyzed the attributes, normalized the data and indentified the most common attributes to generate a seamless national well database.

The data is distributed in GIS format under our current GIS license agreement.

Data Dictionary Attributes:
[WELL_API] The number assigned to wells by either the American Petroleum Institute or another regulatoryagency.The API can be up to 14 digits in length, and in many instances can be used as a well's unique identifier.
[ST] State API code assigned by the API.
[CNTY_CDE] 3 digit county code.
[WELL_UNIQ] 5 digit well unique identifier. Availability depends on the state.
[SDE_TRACK] Code representing the presence of directional drilling.Availability depends on state.
[OPERATIONS] Used to distinguish between separate operations in a single well.Availability depends on state.
[ST_FIPS] United States FIPS code for the state within the well was drilled.
[WELL_NAME] Well name; may consist of a combination of the well's operator, well number, and lease name.
[OPERATOR] Well operator company name.
[TYPE] Well type code.Used to differentiate between oil, gas, water, and injection wells.Well typecodes may differ by state or include references to well status.
[STATUS] Well status code.Used to represent the status of an oil, gas, water, or injection well.Well statuscodes may differ by state.
[TOWN] Township number.For the state of Kentucky, this will represent the Carter cell's letter.For Ohio,both the TOWN and RNGE fields will represent the township name.
[TOWN_D] Township direction: N = North; S = South.
[RNGE] Range Number.
[RNGE_D] Range Direction: E = East; W = West.
[SECT] Section number.
[PERMIT] Well drilling permit number.Assigned by the well's regulatory agency.
[FIELD] Oil/Gas Field Name.
[RESERVOIR] Oil/Gas Reservoir Name.
[FORMATION] Producing formation.
[SPUD_DATE] Spud date. Date of initial drilling.
[COMPL_DATE] Completion date. Date a well is fitted for production.
[PERM_DATE] Permit date.
[PROD_DATE] Production date.Date a well begins production.
[TD_PROPOSE] Well depth proposed by operator.Units in feet unless otherwise noted.
[TD_ACTUAL] Measured total well depth.Units in feet unless otherwise noted.
[PBTD] Total plug back depth.Units in feet unless otherwise noted.
[GL_ELEV] Ground level elevation in feet.Units in feet unless otherwise noted.
[KB_ELEV] Kelly Bushing elevation in feet.Units in feet unless otherwise noted.
[DF_ELEV] Derrick Floor elevation in feet.Units in feet unless otherwise noted.

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