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Unconventional Yearbook - 2013 Edition - Global Resource Plays

2013 Unconventional Yearbook - Global Resource Plays

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In an extension of Hart Energy's unconventional resources playbook series, known for its in-depth coverage of the most compelling shale plays in North America, the 2013 Unconventional Yearbook presents the most important facts and figures on the Top 20 global resource plays. This third in an annual series of yearbooks provides an overview of current activity with snapshots of the regional plays, profiles of key players, a review of technology, a look at midstream activity, and economic analysis and data. Like the playbooks, this yearbook includes a full-color map.


Table of Contents:

002 REGIONAL SNAPSHOTS: A Geologic Review of the Top 20 Global Resource Plays
The earth is rich in unconventional resources, and these new-generation plays are scattered throughout the geologic column.

026 KEY PLAYERS: World Unconventional Development Gains Strength
Born in the US, the quest for oil and gas from shales, coal, and tight sands now attracts operators worldwide.

116 TECHNOLOGY: So Many Shales, So Little Drilling
The technology is ready when the shale gale blows internationally.

146 MIDSTREAM: Top Resource Plays Drive Midstream Project Growth
New production from the world's top unconventional plays drives extraordinary advancement of take-away, processing, and storage infrastructure.

166 MIDSTREAM KEY PLAYERS: Positioning to Keep Up with Production
As unconventional plays continue to pop up across North America, the midstream sector has become more resourceful – and prolific – than ever.

188 ECONOMICS: Early Days for Global Unconventional Economics
Production from resource plays – from shale to tight formations to coalbed methane – will impact the global energy markets for decades to come.

200 REFERENCES: Additional References for the Top 20 Global Resource Plays
For more details, consult these selected sources.

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