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U.S. Liquids Pipeline Wall Map

2014 U.S. Liquids Pipeline Wall Map

$ 329.00

Hart Energy’s U.S. Other Liquids Infrastructure Wall Map is the premier illustrated guide to the NGL/LPG/HVL pipeline systems of the country!

Updated March 2014. Beautifully designed source of information, printed in full-color, this wall map is designed to provide you with a wide range of the most desired data in the industry. Hart’s experts in the field present the extensive pipeline system of the United States with valuable information by using simplified terminology and symbols.

The redesigned U.S. Crude Oil Transmission Infrastructure Wall Map contains the following new features:

  • Existing and proposed natural gas processing plants
  • Informational Charts For:
    • U.S. Major Processing Plants by Owner
    • U.S. Transmission Pipelines Mileage by Owner
Furthermore Hart Energy’s U.S. Refined Products Infrastructure Wall Map still provides you with the following features:
  • Labeled existing and proposed NGL, LPG and HVL Pipelines with diameters for major lines
  • Major petrochemical plants
  • Offshore lease blocks
  • Oil & gas basins is labeled with names
The map contains the whole United States bordering-region including the connecting pipelines into Southern Canada.
Informing doesn’t have to be boring. Beautifully printed on high quality gloss-photo paper, the wall map’s labeling system makes the information, highlighted above, easy to read and understand:
  • Each pipeline system is individually labeled with names and color coded
  • All sites are represented through a series of easy to identify symbols throughout the map
  • The large 60” X 42” print-format allows for greater detail (if you require more detail)

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