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Top 50 Offshore Playbook

Top 50 Offshore Playbook

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This playbook details major offshore field developments, technology and expenditure trends. Each chapter describes the general requirements, challenges, opportunities for major projects specific to each region, the “No. 1 Flagship/World Class Project” for each region, and the list of projects in region that qualify for “Top 50” billing. Includes 24" x 36" wall map that displays the 50 largest offshore projects (through 2017) by region and year, based on forecast Development Capital Expenditure from expected FID date.

Table of Contents

002 | Introduction
The Top 50 Offshore Projects

008 | Gulf of Mexico Overview
GoM Sets High-growth Path

012 | Gulf of Mexico Spotlight
Mad Dog Learns New Tricks

016 | Brazil Overview
Brazil Bonanza: Major Projects Queue Up

024 | Brazil Spotlight
Phased Approach Revealing Roncador's Riches

028 | North Sea Overview
New Frontiers, Fresh Finds, Rejuvenating North Sea

034 | North Sea Spotlight
New Sparring Partner for Norway

038 | West Africa Overview
New Frontiers, Fresh Finds, Rejuvenating North Sea

042 | West Africa Spotlight
Egina to Join West Africa's Fleet of Floating Giants

046 | East Africa Overview
East African Frontier to the Fore

050 | East Africa Spotlight
Prosperidade: an LNG Pioneer for Mozambique

054 | Mediterranean Overview
Eastern Promise Heats Up the Mediterranean

058 | Mediterranean Spotlight
Leviathan Rises From the Depths

062 | SE Asia & Australia Overview
Growing Asian Offshore Sector Looking Deeper

066 | SE Asia & Australia Spotlight
East Natuna the Big Fish in Offshore Pond

070 | Caspian Sea & Russia Overview
Offshore Caspian and Russia Offer Giant Pickings

074 | Caspian Sea & Russia Spotlight
Partners in Kashagan to Release Giant Reserves

078 | Key Players
The Top 50 Offshore Projects

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