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Jack Rosenthal and Jerry McHugh Jr. speaker presentation - DUG Rockies 2019

Operator Panel: Jack Rosenthal and Jerry McHugh Jr. - DUG Rockies 2019

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There’s plenty of natural gas and there’s oil too in the San Juan Basin that’s been a go-to for U.S. natural gas supply for decades. These producers hold enviable amounts of prolific acres. They describe ongoing gains in output while reducing costs.

Operator Panel: The San Juan Basin

Jack Rosenthal, VP, Geoscience, DJR Energy LLC

Jerry McHugh Jr., Founder and President, San Juan Resources Inc.

Nissa Darbonne, Editor-at-Large, Oil and Gas Investor

This keynote presentation was given at DUG Rockies 2019 and video includes speakers' presentation slides. Video is available via streaming and direct download upon purchase. 

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