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South Texas Package

South Texas Package

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This package includes the South Texas Playbook, Laminated Wall Map, and the Eagle Ford Directory.

The South Texas Wall Map

    The South Texas Wall Map

    The South Texas wall map illustrates the areas of drilling activity for the Eagle Ford, Olmos, Buda and Pearsall reservoirs, displayed on an isopach of the Lower Eagle Ford shale. The map also identifies areas of the Eagle Ford expected to yield dry gas, condensate and oil. Insets provide detail on:

    • Acreage holdings of the top 10 players, including an estimate of the resource split between oil, gas and condensate.
    • Gross isopachs of the Upper Eagle Ford, Olmos and Pearsall reservoirs.
    • Eagle Ford rig count by county

    Laminated Wall Map 24" x 36"


    The South Texas Playbook

    The South Texas Playbook

    Focuses on the Eagle Ford, one of the top resource plays in the onshore U.S. It also discusses several additional reservoirs that are gaining interest in the area, such as the Olmos and Escondido, the Austin Chalk and Buda and the Pearsall shale. Features Include:

    • Geological overview of the Eagle Ford and associated reservoirs
    • Profiles of more than 50 of the most active operators, including recent results and upcoming plans
    • A wrap-up of midstream projects and planned projects throughout South Texas
    • Discussion of the latest technical advances and drilling and completion practices in
      Eagle Ford wells
    • Economic analysis, rig counts, top companies by acreage position and a production forecast

    Playbook Table of Contents:

    02 OVERVIEW The South Texas Plays
    Operators are pursuing unconventional plays in addition to the Eagle Ford, including the Olmos heavy oil and tight rock plays, the Escondido Shale play, the Austin Chalk and Buda fractured carbonate plays, and the Pearsall Shale play.

    14 RIG ACTIVITY As Eagle Ford
    Matures, A Need for Fewer Rigs Efficiency gains transform shale development as the industry enters harvest mode in the Eagle Ford.

    20 KEY PLAYERS South Texas Zones Spice Oilpatch Stew
    Just as activity grows in South Texas, the number of companies that enjoy the benefits of operating in the region continues to grow as well.

    72 TECHNOLOGY Operational Efficiencies in the Eagle Ford Basin
    Service companies continually meet operator demands with new equipment and technologies that include drilling rigs, drilling systems, bits and motors, stimulation modeling, and completion hardware.

    96 MIDSTREAM Infrastructure Supports South Texas Plays
    Successful development in several distinct unconventional resource areas has led to regional midstream infrastructure modifications, facilities integration, and newbuild implementations.

    108 ECONOMICS South Texas Shales Still Sizzling
    Several formations allow operators to focus their assets on oil, condensate/NGL, or dry gas windows.

    116 REFERENCES Additional Information on the South Texas Plays
    For more details, consult these selected sources.


    Eagle Ford Directory 

    Eagle Ford Directory

    The go-to resource for companies established in the region and those looking to break in. Eagle Ford ranks among North America's premier shale plays, trending 330 miles across South Texas from Grimes County down to the Rio Grande. With drilling concentrated in the oil and condensate window, technology is a game-changer. Rig activity is up more than 470% from 2009, with more rigs moving in this year.

    This will be the go-to resource for anyone working in the area, looking to break in, or serious about investing in its potential. This directory tells you who's who, what they do, where they are, and whom to contact. You'll find customers, prospects and suppliers - and know how to reach them.

    Your edition will include:

    • Instant access to more than 1,200 companies in the industry
    • Over 6,000 contacts for key personnel, including C-level contacts and email addresses.
    • A unique Buyer's Guide with more than 400 products and services
    • The print edition

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