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Rockies Playbook & Map Package

2014 Rockies Playbook & Map Package

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The Rockies Tight Sands and Shales Playbook features the Niobrara in the DJ and North Park basins and the Niobrara, Frontier, Turner, Shannon, Sussex and Parkman in the Powder River Basin. Also discussed is the Castle Peak and Uteland Butte shales in the Uinta Basin and the Gallup/Mancos reservoirs in the San Juan Basin. Operators are targeting each of these with horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing technologies. The playbook includes chapters on geology and reservoir characteristics, popular technologies and their best uses, midstream infrastructure development and production forecasts. Key operators working these plays are profiled as well.

Rockies Map

Rockies Map

This package includes a 24"x36" laminated full-color wall map depicting the latest horizontal drilling activity across the region. The map also shows the Niobrara production forecast, all basins, horizontal permits: 2013 to present, producing horizontal wells by formation, top operators, and horizontal wells. The map also outlines the following pipelines: natural gas, proposed natural gas, crude oil, proposed crude oil, NGL, and proposed NGL.


Rockies Playbook

Rockies Playbook

 Table of Contents 

004 | Overview - A Geological Goldmine
The Rocky Mountains continue to reward the innovative geoscientist.

020 | Key Players - Horizontals Crack Rockies' Challenge
Modern drilling and fracturing techniques bring new pay potential to the hard-rock country.

052 | Technology - Challenges in Exploration, Drilling and Completions
Technologies expand options in difficult Rocky Mountain basins.

066 | Midstream - Good Problems to Have: Midstream Rushes to Keep Pace in Niobrara
Rich gas and crude oil pour out as producers move into delineation.

076 | Economics - Back to the Future: Wyoming's Surging Oil Production
The Powder River formations are the main focus of unconventional resource exploration and represent substantial hydrocarbon reservoirs in the basin.

080 | References - Additional Information on the Rockies Tight Sands and Shales


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