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Private Equity

Private Equity

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The role of private equity in funding the oil and gas industry has significantly expanded in the past 30 years. More fund companies are interested in energy than ever before, and the size of their energy-focused funds is now in the multi-billion-dollar range. This special report from Oil and Gas Investor details how start-up E&P and midstream companies obtain private equity, what private-equity providers look for in an investment, recent trends, and more. More than a dozen private-equity providers are profiled, from the large generalist funds to boutique and niche entities. Here, you’ll learn their histories, strategies, recent investments and the way they view the oil and gas industry.

Table of Contents

006 | Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: A History of Private Equity
Whatever the track conditions, private-equity players have fueled the E&P industry.

012 | Pitch Perfect: Accessing Private Equity
These private-equity managers describe what they seek. Wise development trumps big acreage.

017 | Private Equity Voices

018 | The Parthway To Growth: Using Private Equity
Five executives detail how private equity has helped them to achieve success.

024 | In The Hunt: Generalist Funds
Large private-equity firms are aiming their sights on the oil and gas industry.

028 | Midstream Mojo: Midstream Investing
Private-equity players see huge midstream opportunities ahead.

032 | Taking Chips Off The Table: Exit Strategies
Exit strategies such as fixed time-frames or quick flips are giving way to other goals and return orientations.

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