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Permian Basin Techbook Package

2013 Permian Basin Techbook Package

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The Permian Basin Wolfcamp Techbook Package is a chance to get the industry's most comprehensive coverage of the technology and market forces driving the growth in the Permian. From understanding all the key technological advances and their impact on drilling and completions to obtaining and developing contacts with operators and service providers, this package is a trusted resource to advance your knowledge and evaluate the competition. Included in the Permian Basin Wolfcamp Techbook Package are the following:

1) Permian Basin Map Laminated Wall Map 24" x 36"

Permian Basin Map

The Permian Basin wall map outlines the main geologic features of the region and the major crude-oil infrastructure. It shows the areas where unconventional resource plays are being pursued, and were completed horizontal Wolfcamp and Bone Spring wells have been drilled. Insets detail the rig counts in the basin, and also illustrate the top acreage holders in the resource plays.

  • Rig Count: Top Five Permian Counties
  • Permian Basin Rig Count
  • Permian Basin Unconventional Production Forecast by HC Type
  • Top Permian Basin Operators by Acreage
  • Current and Proposed Pipeline and Railroad
  • Play Boundaries
  • Completed Wells and Refineries

2) Permian Basin Directory

Permian Basin Directory

This will be the go-to resource for anyone working in the area, looking to break in, or serious about investing in its potential. This directory tells you who's who, what they do, where they are, and whom to contact. You'll find customers, prospects and suppliers - and know how to reach them.

  • Instant access to more than 2,000 companies in the industry
  • Over 6,000 contacts for key personnel, including C-level contacts and email addresses
  • A unique Buyer's Guide with more than 400 products and services
  • The print edition

3) Permian Basin Playbook

Permian Basin Playbook

The Permian Basin Playbook focuses on the Wolfcamp, Bone Spring and Cline formations. These rich reservoirs are being tapped with unconventional-resource technology. Chapters discuss the geology of the Midland and Delaware basins and include profiles of the key players. The latest technologies are reviewed, including case studies. The playbook also provides overviews of the dynamic changes happening in the region's infrastructure and the economics of the new resource plays. A bibliography of relevant articles for further research is included.

4) Permian Basin Wolfcamp Techbook:

Permian Basin Wolfcamp Techbook

The 2014 Permian Basin Wolfcamp Techbook includes a market overview, a sample of key technology providers, case studies of field applications and exclusive analysis of industry trends relative to specific technologies:

  • What's driving Pad Drilling?
  • Operator Outlook in Pay Zones
  • Tools to Find Sweet Spots
  • Technology that Produces
  • Experts Chime In

Table of Contents

004 | OVERVIEW - Permian Reclaims Primacy in Oil Production
Closing in on a century of production, the Permian now leads in liftings and rigs.

020 | PAD DRILLING- The Permian Pad Paradigm Shift
The move to horizontal drilling of multiple stacked formations from a single well site is revitalizing the Permian Basin.

036 | KEY PLAYERS - Wolfcamp Boosting Operators' Outlook
Stacked pay zones in the Permian Basin are the gift that keeps on giving as billions of dollars develop the region.

058 | COMPLETIONS - Finding the Sweet Spots 
A variety of measurement tools can help operators land their completions more effectively.

068| TECHNOLOGY - Greater Efficiencies, Cost-Effective Solutions Realized
New technology advances bring challenging Permian Basin Shales within reach.

080| EXPERTS ROUNDTABLE - Experts Chime in on the Thriving Activity in the Permian
The Permian Basin accounter for 18% of total U.S. Crude oil production, according to the EIA.

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