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Permian Basin Techbook & Map Package

2014 Permian Basin Techbook & Map Package

$ 378.00

Permian Basin Wall Map & Playbook Package

The Permian Basin Wolfcamp Techbook - Permian Basin resource plays are set to see production growth that continues the renaissance transforming the area. Hart Energy forecasts 1.2 MMboe/d of Permian production growth by 2025, with oil and NGLs contributing ~1 million bbl/d. That nearly doubles today's 1.5 MMbbl/d. Production will ramp up from unconventional drilling with solid margins because most wells breakeven oil price is below $70/bbl. Economics like these economics help explain the upward trend in Permian activity and capital budgets.

Techbook ** Ships late September **

Laminiated Wall Map 36" x 24"

  • Rig Count: Top Five Permian Counties
  • Permian Basin Rig Count for 2011 to 2014
  • Permian Basin Production Forecast, by HC type
  • Top Permian Basin Operators by Acreage
  • Current and Proposed Pipeline and Railroad
  • Updated Play boundaries
  • Completed Wells and Refineries
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