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Permian Basin Playbook with Map

2013 Permian Basin Playbook with Map

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The Permian Basin Playbook is the 17th in Hart Energy's exclusive series of comprehensive reports delving into North America's most compelling unconventional resource plays. Our lineup of topics addresses the plays everyone is talking about and delivers answers to essential questions on reservoirs, active operators, economics, key technologies, and infrastructure issues. Some playbooks also feature a full-color map highlighting fields, drilling activity, and significant wells.

The Permian Basin Playbook focuses on the Wolfcamp, Bone Spring and Cline formations. These rich reservoirs are being tapped with unconventional-resource technology. Chapters discuss the geology of the Midland and Delaware basins and include profiles of the key players. The latest technologies are reviewed, including case studies. The playbook also provides overviews of the dynamic changes happening in the region's infrastructure and the economics of the new resource plays. A bibliography of relevant articles for further research is included.

Table of Contents

004 | OVERVIEW The Prolific Permian Basin Still Pays
Almost 100 years after an initial completion in Mitchell County, the West Texas giant continues to offer potential.

018 | KEY PLAYERS Big Pay Attracts Big Money
Multiple stacked pay zones featuring shale combinations promise long-life returns.

060 | TECHNOLOGY Investigating New Tools, Technologies for the Permian Basin
While challenges have driven some companies away from West Texas, others have found success through innovation.

088 | MIDSTREAM Building, Rearranging, and Reconfiguring
Midstream constraints have been causing bottlenecks in the Permian Basin oil transportation system recently, but a surge of new projects promises relief in short order.

094 | ECONOMICS Oil, Oil Everywhere
The Permian Basin offers a melánge of conventional, tight oil, and shale plays, and has a cast of operators to match. Here is a look at the economic underpinnings of the resource plays most popular today.

100 | REFERENCES Additional Information on the Permian Basin



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