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Permian Basin Directory | Detailed Contact Information

2015 Permian Basin Directory

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Hart Energy's Permian Basin Directory is the go-to resource for companies established in the region and those looking to break in. The Permian Basin ranks among North America's premier shale plays, trending 300 miles across West Texas to southeast New Mexico and is one of the premier U.S. producing provinces.

This directory tells you who's who, what they do, where they are, and whom to contact. You'll find customers, prospects and suppliers - and know how to reach them.

The Permian Basin Directory features:

  • Instant access to more than 2,000 companies in the industry
  • Over 7,000 contacts for key personnel, including C-level contacts and email addresses
  • A unique Buyer's Guide with more than 400 products and services


Section 1: Exploration, Production, Land 

Oil and Gas Companies, Independent Operators/Producers, Land Services/Lease Brokerage, Geologic Consultants/Petroleum Engineers

Section 2: Midstream and Refining Operations | 039
Gathering, Transportation, Processing, Storage, Marketing, Purchasing and Management

Section 3: Drilling, Well Servicing and Workover Contractors | 047
Oilwell Drilling Contractors, Directional Drillers/Consultants, Well Servicing/Workover Contractors

Section 4: Geophysical Contractors and Data Brokers | 069

Geophysical Consultants & Contractors, Seismic Data Brokers, Data Processors, Gravity/Magnetic Surveyors, Shot Hole Contractors

Section 5: Equipment and Supplies | 073
Equipment Manufacturers, Manufacturer's Representatives, Supply Companies

Section 6: Field Services | 123
General Oilfield Services, Construction, Fabrication, Inspection, Pipeline, Testing, Welding, Engineering/Design Consultants and General Contractors

Section 7: Environmental Services and Products | 153  
Environmental Consultants, Site Cleanup, Waste Hauling/Disposal etc.

Section 8: Non-Field Services | 163   
Abstractors, Core Analysis, Data Processing, Financial Services, Legal Services, etc.

Section 9: Information Technology | 181 
Online Auctions, EDI, ASPs, Internet Portals, Knowledge Management, Online Catalogs, etc.

Company Index | 187

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