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Oilfield Logistics

Oilfield Logistics

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In Oilfield Logistics, industry players discuss the challenges and solutions for deploying people and supplies to the nation's hottest unconventional plays. From housing and catering to communications and infrastructure, this supplement covers the logistical "best practices" for today's oil and gas industry.



Table of Contents

02 | Lifestyle Logistics
To meet the demands of today's oil and gas field developments, the industry relies on a range of service companies to provide support in the shape of housing, food, communications, transportation, and more.

04 | Home on the Range
Companies tasked with sheltering today's oilfield workers find a wide range of housing options.

14 | Keeping the Crews Content
Feeding the work forces in remote locations can entail serving thousands of meals a day.

18 | At a Crossroads
Improvements in infrastructure are needed in areas where the ramifications of resource development are too much for old, inadequate roadways.

20 | Accessing the Action
Planes and trains play a critical role in moving work forces and supplies where they are needed most.

23 | Connectivity is Key
Companies that specialize in oilfield communications provide reliability, privacy, and security.

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