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Oil and Gas Investor Magazine | May 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 05

Oil and Gas Investor | May 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 05

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064 | Midland Basin Stacks Up
Favorable horizontal economics in at least six pay zones suggest industry is starting over in the venerable Permian.

079 | Marathon Oil Races Ahead
New CEO Lee Tillman is upping the ante to drive efficiencies and growth.

083 | California Buyside
West Coast-based asset managers divulge their philosophies and top picks.

086 | Lifting the Ban: Yes or No?
Two CEOs debate the pros and cons of lifting the ban on crude oil experts.

089 | In Flux: Crude Differentials
The U.S. tight oil revolution has introduced a new set of pricing dynamics for crude.

092 | The Perfect Match
EnerVest Ltd. and FourPoint Energy LLC were locked in bidding battles in the Anadarko Basin-util they forged a joint venture.

097 | Upstream MLPs to Watch
Analysts lay out the rationale behind their favorites for yield-hungry investors.

101 | Simmons' Service
At 40 years young, this energy sector business specialist shows no signs of slowing down.

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