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Oil and Gas Investor Magazine | July 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 7

Oil and Gas Investor | July 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 07

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Table of Contents

044 | Energy IPOS
Tight formation development has created an insatiable need for capital as entrepreneurial and operaionally skilled teams seek funding in the public capital markets.

057 | Kinder Pipes Up
As leader of the largest midstream organization in North America, Richard Kinder loves the asset game.

061 | Heart of Stone
GeoSouthern Energy Corp. sold its Ealge Ford holdings to Devon Energy Corp. for $6 billion after rolling the dice on an earlier offer, in Investor's Deal of the Year.

065 | From Trials to Triumph
A dispute between Gastar Exploration and Chesapeake Energy turned into a launching pad for Investor's Turnaround of the Year.

069 | What's Old is New Again
Treadstone Energy Partners transformed a double-digit condensate producer into an oil bonanza, earning Investor's Best Field Rejuvenation award.

073 | Doubling Down in the Gulf
Chairman and CEO John Schiller discusses how the $2.3 billion purchase of EPL Oil & Gas expands Energy XXI's pure-play power.

079 | The EPA, H2O and Fracking
An EPA study of drinking water and hydraulic fracturing could have far reaching implications.

083 | In Royalty We Trust
The overall performance of certain royalty trusts offers an attractive alternative to private-equity funds.


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