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Oil and Gas Investor Magazine | February 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 02

Oil and Gas Investor | February 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 02

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Table of Contents

044 | Oil's New Launching Pad
Pad drilling and batch completions come of age as the industry transforms itself, the rig fleet and how it brings new hydrocarbons to market.

059 | Fang Strikes in the Permian
Diamondback Energy, led by Travis Stice, has turned in a peer-leading performance with its success in the Midland Basin.

063 | Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
The recipe for making economic oil from this long-known formation may be rolled out this year.

069 | Margins Pressure Energy Uplift
The oil and gas space for banking has been expanding - spurring fierce competition among capital providers.

077 | Upstream Value Drivers
How are companies valued in today's public market? BMO Capital Markets shares analysis and findings.

082 | Under Fire in the Hole
The U.S. onshore service market is in a Darwinian struggle as rates bottom out. Here are stocks positioned to prosper.

087 | The Permian Arbitrage
Wall Street's love affair with Permian Basin explorers has created a compelling opportunity for private players to go public.

091 | Cycle-Tested Lessons From The Markets
Mistakes and misjudgments can be more instructive than successful decisions, says Thomas A. Petrie in an excerpt from his new book.

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