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Oil and Gas Investor Magazine | December 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 12

Oil and Gas Investor | December 2014 | Volume 34 | Issue 12

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Table of Contents

Offshore Optimism
Operators remain long-term bullish on the Gulf of Mexico, citing new technologies expected to open exploration to even deeper waters.

063 | Using Transaction Metrics In A Volatile Price Environment
Many experts believe a downward price adjustment is long overdue and that oil prices have been inflated for some time.

067 | Mexico, Round One
Will U.S. producers capitalize on the vast array of hydrocarbons after Mexico reopens its oil and gas reserves?

073 | Meet Nick Varel
Nick Varel and his business partner, Bradley Williams, merged their company, Elephant Oil, with Talon Oil in 2011. He discussed how the unconventional business model is changing.

077 | Climbing The Convertible Curve
Competing with traditional traditional debt and equity raises are convertible debt and preferred financing transactions. Here are the advantages.

083 | Switching The Switch
The EPA estimates a 1.3% methane leakage rate in the U.S.

087 | Icebreaker
A new tax regime, big-idea projects and an influx of determined independents offer hope that Alaska can reverse its crude oil decline.

093 |Marble Falls Unconventional
Seeking liquid gold in the far western Barnett Shale, operators instead discovered a play that delivers even better returns.

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