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Oil and Gas Investor Australia Magazine | September 2014 | Volume 1 | Issue 03

Oil and Gas Investor Australia | September 2014 | Volume 1 | Issue 03

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Table of Contents

005 | What Lies Beneath
To deliver oil and gas production growth while protecting the environment and worker safety, companies must openly share their best practices.

007 | Australia's Appetite For Unconventionals
As Australia and other nations go head to head in the LNG export battle, more favourable fracking laws would give the country a leg up.

009 | Spotlight Swivels Onto New Solutions
New innovations are always worth flagging up, especially when industry leaders describe them as being capable of revolutionising the offshore E&P industry.

011 | Linc Energy Searches For Oil In 16-Million-Acre Haystack
With a potential of 103 Bboe in the Arckaringa Basin, Linc Energy will stick three needles in an immense lease holding.

013 | Newswell
Government updates energy resources numbers.

026| Happy Hunting For CSG At Bowen And Surat Basins
Play attracts increasing number of international majors drawn by CSG resource boom.

036 | Shale Success In The South
DSD's Goldstein has the Midas touch, turning untapped terrain in South Australia to a producing region.

040 | Top End Renaissance
The Northern Territory is shaping up to be "the next big thing" in energy as oil and gas explorers from around the world rush to Australia's outback.

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