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Midstream Business Magazine | Volume 5 | Issue 08 | 2015

Midstream Business | September 2015 | Volume 5 | Issue 08

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Table of Contents

05 | Editor’s Note 
One answer to the U.S. gas glut may lie next door: Mexico. 

07 | Finance Matters 
Some positive signs in the MLP space indicate a possible turnaround for 2015’s long sell off. 

09 | NGL Frac Spread
Gas liquids may be playing the “Summertime Blues.”

10 | Alerian Index 
An investment-grade credit rating is a plus for both debt and equity investors.

13 | Transaction Line 
The MPLX-MarkWest deal should have a happy ending, but investors only see a tale of woe.

15 | Events Calendar
Your guide to midstream conferences.

17 | Midstream Facts And Figures
Diesel's pump price finally drops below gasoline.

19 | News Flow 
Tanker demand offers clues to the trend in crude oil prices.

28 | Construction Update
TransCanada delays the in-service date for its Heartland Pipeline.

91 | Industry Briefs 
U.S. petroleum product exports continue to tick upward.

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