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Midstream Business Magazine | March 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 03

Midstream Business | March 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 03

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Table of Contents

028 | The Bakken: Going Like a Million
The Bakken has shown how big it really is, and midstream's challenge remains the same: How to move all that production out of what's now a world-class oil field?

038 | Bear Hunting, Again
Robert J. Clark is founder, chairman and chief executive of 3Bear Energy LLC.

047 | Howard To Industry: Follow Me
This midstream start-up blazes its own trail, sticks to it and has no plans to slow down.

051 | Building On Relationships
Defining winning strategies and success with a private equity investor whose speciality is funding midstream projects.

057 | Do You Know The Way To Monterey?
California's enigmatic formation may have boom potential, but producers haven't solved it yet.

060| Revving Up
Increased production from remote, shale-oil fields has brought into focus a shortage of qualified truck drivers that is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

064 | Abundant, Cleaner, Cheaper
Advances in technology position natural gas as the fuel to move us.

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