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Midstream Business Magazine | July/August 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 07

Midstream Business | July/August 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 07

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Table of Contents

Private Equity: Paving The Path
026 | Private equity has stepped up its role in moving resources to their markets as North American unconventional plays produce more hydrocarbons. But people are as important as the prospects.

Third Time's The Charm
042 | Persistence paid off as Crosstex and Devon formed EnLink after years of trust building.

The Interview
048 | C. Gregory Harper serves as principal executive officer of Enbridge's Midcoast Energy Partners.

REITs Building Up The Midstream
057 | With a transformative period at its back, CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust moves real estate into energy infrastructure.

Big Country, Big Investment, Big Expenses
062 | Australia's ocean of resources and strategic location entice, but surging project costs prompt caution.

Giving The K-1 Some Love
068 | MLP complexity can be a boon for its current investors.

FERC And The Energy Boom
072 | A commissioner outlines steps his federal agency can take to assure proper development of new gas resources.

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