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Midstream Business Magazine | February 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 02

Midstream Business | February 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 02

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Table of Contents

026 | The Capex Climb Continues
Operators move to a slower but more sustainable pace for the long climb ahead.

040 | Upsetting The Apple Cart
Donald F. Santa serves as president and chief executive of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America.

046 | The Midcontinent Galaxy
The Midcontinent is home to plenty of rising stars, and as production rises, so do the opportunities for midstream companies.

051 | Growing Opportunity
A new, in-depth research report outlines the enormous growth potential for the continent's burgeoning energy industry.

055 | The Canadian Way
Canada's pipeline watchdog, the National Energy board, is working through a time of tremendous growth and change as it oversees the country's pipeline build-out.

059 | Still Doing A Good Turn
This midstream executive shares how his early commitment to the Scouts has enriched and influenced his personal and business life.

063 | At Mother Nature's Mercy
Combating extreme weather conditions gives midstream companies a competitive advantage.

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