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Midstream Business Magazine | April 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 04

Midstream Business | April 2014 | Volume 4 | Issue 04

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Limited pipeline capacity has limited crude oil flow out of the big Cushing, Oklahoma, hub, causing West Texas Intermediate crude prices to dip in comparison to other crudes. That’s changing as new capacity links Cushing to refining and petrochemical plants on the Gulf Coast. But will the Cushing glut just move south? Midstream Business looks at the challenges and promises as new capacity comes online.

Table of Contents

030 | Playing For The Queen
The Gulf Coast has long been the most important piece in the midstream game, and production increases are causing the region to grow in significance.

040 | Thinking Long Term
Michael J. Latchem is managing director and chief executive of Lucid Energy Group LLC.

045 | A Competitive Powerhouse
DCP Midstream Partners enjoys strong sponsor support and an array of organic projects to grow on.

049 | Generating Capital
Led by a team of industry veterans, the breakaway Texas investment firm U.S. Capital Advisors LLC is powering up.

053 | The 'Eaglebine' Takes Off
Modern technology stirs a rebirth in another historic oil play.

057 | Keeping Up With The Joneses
Criticism of the long-held Jones Act is resurfacing amid a ship shortage and massive transportation needs.

061 | The Education Need
Employers have a growing pool of educated candidates and educational institutions are ensuring it stays that way.

065 | Keep Calm And Move The Crude
Price pressures, bottlenecks and varied API gravities generate only momentary bursts of angst-the boom goes on.

068 | Virtual Presence
Energy companies get eyes into the field instantly with virtual-presence systems.

071 | Catching Fugitives
Controlling volatile organic compounds is an important and challenging task for midstream providers.

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