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Marcellus Shale Map Package

Marcellus Shale Map Package

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Updated 2011 Marcellus Shale Map Package

Included in this package are all the tools you will need for discovering a plethora of information regarding all aspects of oil and gas activity in the Marcellus region. From primers to extensively researched playbooks, maps of the region and more, this package is the ultimate resource for any oil and gas professional.

Laminated Wall Maps are 24: x 36"

Included in this premium package you will find


2011 Updated Marcellus Shale Production Map

Marcellus Shale Production Map

Provides a detailed geographic guide to one of North America's most important shale-gas areas.

Our oversized map shows geology, infrastructure and drilling activity details, such as isopachs, gas pipelines, public lands, county and play-area boundaries. At-a-glance tables provide stratigraphy and cross-section information across the play.

This informative and easy-to-use map helps your team visualize exploration and drilling trends. Order your own copy(ies) today.


2011 Updated Marcellus Infrastructure Map

Marcellus Infrastructure Map

Get the most comprehensive map of midstream infrastructure throughout the Marcellus shale region. No other map presents as much data and information about gathering system, pipeline, treatment and storage facilities.

  • Existing and Proposed Pipelines
  • Compressor Stations
  • Major Gas Trading Hubs
  • Gas Pricing Points
  • Gas Storage Facilities
  • Gas Processing Plants
  • Major Gas Fields

Oil and Gas Investor feature article (immediately downloadable)

PDF download of the full Oil and Gas Investor feature article from November of 2010

Oil and Gas Investor June 2011 article (immediately downloadable)

PDF download of a recent article by award-winning Editor-in-Chief of Oil and Gas Investor, Leslie Haines on a leader of the region, Ed Cohen, CEO and President of Atlas Energy Inc.

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