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Jet Aviation | Oil and Gas Investor

Jet Aviation

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Business Aviation for the busy Oil and Gas Executives

Going from your office chair to the air and back again need not take all day and all night, with hassles or
delays in between, if you decide to use some form of private or business aviation, whether by leasing or
buying, or using some kind of time share arrangement. The many advantages these flight options have over commercial travel add up to a sum greater than the parts: new efficiencies through saving time and
money—and peace of mind—for busy oil and gas executives.

Table of Contents

03 | Get In, Get Out, Get Home
Oil and gas executives have increasing options in their bid to make travel as efficient and productive as possible.

09 | The Saga of the Middle Seat
A humorous look at the many frustrations of commercial air travel, told by a busy oil and gas executive who finally said, Enough is enough!

12 | Cessna
Taking Back Time

16 | Founders Aviation
The shortest distance to success

18 | Piper Aircraft Inc.
Piper’s New M500: Revolutionized Enhancements

20 | Wheels Up
Collaborative Aviation: High-Quality, Consistent And Transparent

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