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Industrial Gas Purification Technology Market Assessment

Industrial Gas Purification Technology Market Assessment

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Demand of industrial gasses are increasing driven by oil and gas demand. Higher demand for industrial gasses leads to increased demand for gas separation and purification processes. In this PDF analysis we look into the following gas streams for removal of impurities:

  • LNG Processing
  • C2-C3 Processing
  • C4-C5+ Processing
  • NGL Processing
  • Syngas Processing
  • Hydrogen Purification
  • Air Separation

For the analysis we have segregated the purification/separation technologies into the following categories:


  • Membranes
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA)
  • Cryogenic Separation

Main Impurities: 

  • Moisture
  • CO2
  • NH3
  • Hydrocarbons

Technology selection criteria:

  • Cost of the technology
  • Performance at removal of impurities
  • Vendor experience in installing its technology globally
  • Key attributes of the technology

Updated April 2019, data provided by Stratas Advisorsa global consultancy providing full spectrum coverage of the energy sector and related industries.

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