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Global Gasification Infrastructure Map

2015 Global Gasification Infrastructure Map

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Hart Energy's exclusive Global Gasification Infrastructure 2015 Map highlights key gasification projects at the forefront of the global market and provides a comprehensive visual illustration of global gas-to-x production. 

Wall Map 24" x 36"

Map Features:

  • GASIFICATION FACILITIES: depicts the geographic location of all syngas-based projects exceeding $1 billion in development. These include projects producing liquids, chemicals, power and synthetic natural gas (SNG) using feedstocks including coal, natural gas, biomass, municipal solid waste, petcoke, and heavy crude.
  • GASIFICATION VALUE CHAIN: depicts the conversion processes used to transform feedstock to end products.
  • SUMMARY GRAPHS: graphs depict the breakdown of products produced by gasification facilities worldwide.
  • PLANT DETAILS: delivers key metrics for large-scale gasification plants worldwide. Details include plant name, product produced, location, operational status and estimated capital cost.

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