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Energy and the Community

Energy and the Community

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A revolution in energy supply is sweeping across America. It's exciting for U.S. consumers, and its changes are rippling far beyond our borders. Some now say that by 2020 the U.S. could be the No. 1 oil and gas producer in the world.

What is going on, and what does it mean for you and your family? The benefits are many, from abundant and secure energy supplies to lower costs for heating and cooling your home to the creation of many new jobs.

This special report explains how U.S. companies discovered these new energy supplies, and what these supplies mean to the overall economy.

Importantly, we want to demonstrate that development can be done in harmony with the environment.

Energy companies are eager to do their part and to do it safely. Read on to learn about the challenges and solutions.

We're all in this together, so let's make sense of it, keep the lines of communication open, and work together to create the kind of future we all want: safe, clean and fueled with plenty of domestically produced energy.

Table of Contents:

02 | U.S. Energy Self-Sufficiency Is Fast-Becoming A Reality
New technologies have led to more domestic oil and natural gas production than was ever thought possible.

08 | America Rallies Behind Local Oil Production: An Infographic

10 | A Manufacturing And Jobs Renaissance
U.S. manufacturing is seeing billions in investments, and new jobs, in response to the oil and gas boom.

16 | Will Natural Gas Fuel Our Future Economy? An Infographic

18 | Shale 101
These unconventional formations are behind rising U.S. natural gas production. Here are the facts.

22 | A Shift In The Energy System: An Infographic

24 | U.S. Energy Independence: Fracing's Role
This technology is helping to drive new U.S. production. Here's what people are saying.

34 | Hydraulic Fracing: An Infographic

36 | Communities And Industry: Working Together
Here are examples of how people have come together to solve problems and forge partnerships.

44 | Anatomy Of The Marcellus Shale: An Infographic

46 | Fracing And Earthquakes
Protocols have been developed to identify and respond to unusual seismicity levels.

50 | The Potential Of The Bakken Region: An Infographic

52 | Who Sets Oil And Gas Prices?
Price shifts result from a variety of forces and interactions, both at home and worldwide.

58 | Communities And Companies: A Two-Way Street
Successful resolutions require openness, trust and participation by all involved.

62 | Glossary of Energy Terms

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