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Eagle Ford Shale Playbook

2015 Eagle Ford Shale Playbook

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2015 Eagle Ford Shale Playbook

The Eagle Ford Shale Playbook is the 24th in Hart Energy’s exclusive series of comprehensive reports delving into North America’s most compelling unconventional resource plays. Our lineup of topics addresses the plays everyone is talking about and delivers answers to essential questions on reservoirs, active operators, economics, key technologies and infrastructure issues. Full-size folded map included in the playbook that highlights wells cumulative production, operator net acreage positions, and production history and forecast. 


Eagle Ford Remains Viable for Smart Operators

As a complex environment, it can’t be considered a one-size-fits-all play.


Eagle Ford Sets a Steady Pace

With many of the play’s sweet spots still proving economic, operators focus on efficiency and value.


Eagle Ford Players Adapting, Not Quitting

Better technology and continuous efficiency improvements are seen as vital for Eagle Ford success.


The Golden Child Still Shines

It’s not immune from the downturn, but among the family of North American unconventional plays, Eagle Ford is the favorite.


Eagle Ford: Still Thirsty for Liquids

The silver lining: Operators reallocate capital resources toward liquids-rich Eagle Ford Shale acreage from other, less productive plays.


Additional Information on the Eagle Ford Shale

For more details on the Eagle Ford Shale, consult these selected sources.

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