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E&P Magazine | May 2014 | Volume 87 | Issue 5

E&P | May 2014 | Volume 87 | Issue 05

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The May issue of E&P examines the booming offshore market, including an offshore technology report and features on marine seismic; deepwater rig advances; offshore projects; and marine construction, transportation, and installation. Regional features will highlight Canadian unconventionals and Venezuela.

Table of Contents

Deeper waters demand different approach to design
034 | By working together today, a mjaor GoM operator and its suppliers are leading the development efforts of technologies necessary to overcome the ultradeepwater challenges of tomorrow.

More than 24,000 offshore wells need to be drilled through 2020
054 | A recent market analysis finds that more wells will be needed to keep pace with increased global oil and gas consumption.

Marine Seismic
081 | Eastern Canada has plenty to offer
084 | Seismic vessel design strategies
090 | New life for a dead sea?

Deepwater Rig Advances
096 | 3-D overview of platform drilling aids efficient collaboration
102 | Learning from experience

Offshore Projects
106 | Smart intervention services mitigate risks, reduce NPT
112 | Science proves old rule wrong

Marien Construction, Transportation & Installation
121 | FPU verification facilities regulatory compliance
126 | Introducing an enhancement to HTVs


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