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E&P Magazine | March 2014 | Volume 87 | Issue 03

E&P | March 2014 | Volume 87 | Issue 03

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The March issue of E&P provide a report on the latest advances in drilling technology. Other features will highlight offshore reservoir monitoring, drillbit technology, offshore well intervention, deepwater pipelines and flow assurance, and regional reports will examine Chinese unconventionals and Australia. Also look for our annual drillbit records in this issue.



Table of Contents

Offshore Reservoir Monitoring
066 | PRM provides insights at Ekofisk

Drillbits/Drillbit Records
072 | Hard abrasive drilling benefits from customized bit design
076 | Hybrid drillbits improve harsh drilling performance
078 | Drillingbit Records: Unconventional factory drilling requires drillbits to boost ROP

Offshore Well Intervention
094 | No time to lose: HP rotary jetting tool aids in deepwater operation
098 | Waste not, want not; revitalizing marginal offshore wells

Deepwater Pipelines & Flow Assurance
108 | Assuring pipeline flow with the total system in mind
112 | Deepwater development continues to climb



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