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E&P Magazine | January 2014 | Volume 87 | Issue 01

E&P | January 2014 | Volume 87 | Issue 01

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This issue of E&P look at the state of R&D among some of the world’s largest national oil companies. Other features include seismic processing and interpretation, HP/HT drilling tools and challenges, surface production systems, and rig and drillship innovation, and regional highlights will include a look at Argentina’s unconventional fields and West Africa. As always, while you’re waiting for the next copy of E&P, remember to visit for news, industry updates, and unique industry analysis.



Table of Contents

Processing & Interpretation
050 | The vlaue of an integrated G&G interpretation system
056 | Improvements in seismic interpretation

HP/HT Drilling
063 | Ultra-high temperature drilling fluid provides stable rheology
068 | Integrated methodology devised for ultra-HP/HT completion tool

Surface Systems/Solutions
072 | Advances in technology enhance permanent completion safety
074 | New approach to production well testing in mature fields

Rig & Drillship Innovations
082 | Mighty oaks from little acorns grow


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