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Canada Plays Playbook with Map

2012 Canada Plays Playbook

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The playbook focuses on the Duvernay, Alberta Bakken/Exshaw, Montney and Cardium-- leading resource plays that are revolutionizing Western Canada's oil business. Companies employing horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing technology are delivering fresh volumes of rich natural gas and light oils to market. The most prolific plays are the Montney, a rich-gas powerhouse, and the Cardium, a prodigious light-oil producer. Shale plays that show considerable promise, but that are still in early days of development, are the Duvernay and Alberta Bakken/Exshaw.


The Canada playbook offers:

  • A geologic overview of the four major rich-gas and light-oil plays, and how they relate to each other.
  • Profiles of the key companies working in these plays, with details of their positions in each.
  • A thorough review of the midstream sector, including information on major projects in the works.
  • Details of the technologies that are helping operators efficiently drill better wells.
  • Insights into the economics of the plays, and how they compare and contrast to each other.

The playbook includes a wall map that illustrates the location of the Duvernay, Alberta Bakken/Exshaw, Montney and Cardium plays and their associated midstream infrastructure.

Table of Contents:

04 | OVERVIEW Of Canada
Its turbulent geological history has turned the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin into a complex exploration province.

12 | KEY PLAYERS Canadian Shales Pound Profit Path
Proven profits and potential for exports to the Far East lead Canada's shale boom.

50 | TECHNOLOGY Unlocking Canadian Tight Oil Plays
Improved technologies and drilling efficiencies are driving unconventional resource development in several Canadian plays.

64 | MIDSTREAM Weaving the Web
Unconventional plays have delivered light oil and rich gas to Canada's midstream sector, which is busy building new facilities and expanding old ones to handle the bounty.

72 | ECONOMICS Looking for Liquids North of the Border
Cardium, Exshaw, and Montney plays are all getting attention.

76 | REFERENCES Additional Information on Canadian Plays
For more details, consult these selected sources.

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