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Business Aviation

Business Aviation

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Look at your own calendar and you'll see that traveling frequently for business is a must for getting things done and making the most of opportunities, even for sealing the deal.

For many executives, private aviation is a vital tool that helps move the right people to the right place at the right time - not only to more locations faster, but, to the next level of high-powered corporate results, from being industry players, to industry leaders.

In this special supplement, we have showcased a few of the major providers of aviation services. They are here to help you. Whether it is leasing, buying, fractional ownership or charter, the private aviation industry has many options available, and it offers the latest in safety and technology, all at the ready.

Table of Contents

03 | Getting A Piece Of The Pie In The Sky
For fast-paced executives who need to make the most of their travel time, there are more aviation options than ever.

008 | Founders Aviation:
The shortest distance to success

010 | Flight Options:
Value and service fuel growth

012 | Executive Airshare:
Own the day, not just a few hours of it

014 | Piper Meridian:
Energy Service Co. gains time with Piper Meridian

017 | Getting There Is Half The Battle
Planes and trains play a critical role in moving workforces and supplies to where they are needed most.

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