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Barnett Shale Playbook includes Map

2009 Barnett Shale Playbook

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North Texas' Barnett shale is the granddaddy of modern shale plays. During the past decade, activity has exploded to encompass all or parts of 20 counties. Today, more than 12,000 Barnett shale wells produce 5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, and nearly three-fourths of these wells are horizontal. Success has been so robust that Barnett gas is now approaching 10% of U.S. domestic supply.

The Barnett Playbook address the play everyone is talking about and delivers answers to essential questions on reservoirs, active operators, economics, key technologies, and infrastructure issues. Includes a wall-sized, full color map highlighting fields, drilling activity, and significant wells.

Despite the intensive drilling programs of the past several years, great volumes of gas still remain to be extracted from the Barnett reservoir. Efforts in this leading shale play have shifted to controlling costs and improving recovery of in-place gas.

Table of Contents

The Legendary Barnett

The technological advances and lessons learned during the growth of the Barnett will provide valuable insight into helping feed the global energy appetite.

Barnett Blues

Transactions and valuations have waned for the Grand Dame of resource play, but today's poor economics could shake loose locked-up acreage.

Barnett Numbers Tell the Tale

Profiles of key operators' activities in the play reveal opportunities remain.

The 'Sleeping Giant' Awakens

For more than 20 years, many scoffed at 'Mitchell's Folly' as the intrepid wildcatter doggedly probed the inhospitable shale in the Forth Worth Basin – not anymore.

Takeaway Capacity In Place

With significant pipeline additions in recent years, Barnett Shale producers now have access to markets throughout the country.

Future Returns

Why the Barnett may be a good investment.


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