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Artificial Lift Techbook

2015 Artificial Lift Techbook

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Artificial Lift Techbook 2015

Despite the market, artificial lift demand continues through cycles. North America is expected to continue its dominance in the artificial lift market and new techologies focuses on efficiency, reliability and lower cower costs. The 2015 Artificial Lift Techbook is the seventh in a series of techbooks in which hart Energy will provide comprehensive coverage of effective and emerging technologies in the oil and gas industry. Each techbook includes a market overview, a sample of key technology providers, case studies of field applications and exclusive analysis of industry trends relative to specific technologies.

Table of Contents

002 | Artificial Lift Demand Continues Through Cycles
The downturn in drilling will have some slowing effect but not to the same degree as with other sectors of the industry.

008 | North America Expected to Continue Its Dominance in Artificial Lift Market
In the U.S., 96% of oil wells require artificial lift from the very beginning, according to Research and Markets.

026 | New Technology Focuses on Efficiency, Reliability, Lower Costs
Providers strive for improvements in sand control, gas separation, flow range expansion and automation.

038 | Rod-pump Technology Meets the Real-world Oil Field
New forms of rod-pumping technology are opening operators’ eyes to new possibilities.

042 | Advanced Artificial Lift Methods Offer Enhanced Production, Lower Costs
New technology focuses on flow and pressure ranges, difficult fluids, automation, sand control, and integration of systems.

045| Companies Search for Efficient, Economic Artificial Lift Solutions
By taking an integrated approach to artificial lift R&D in unconventional wells, companies can compare the estimated lift of the well and the total cost of ownership.

053 | Additional Information on Artificial Lift
For more details on artificial lift, consult these selected sources.

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