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Appalachian Shale Playbook with Map

2013 Appalachian Shale Playbook with Map

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The Appalachian Basin's Marcellus shale is a world-class reservoir and it has now been joined by the prolific Utica shale. Production of liquids from the basin is forecast to grow dramatically as drillers concentrate on rich-gas portions of the Marcellus and Utica. At the same time, the region's tremendous dry-gas assets are its backbone. Both plays offer huge regional extents, reasonable drilling depths, proximity to markets and lustrous well results. The playbook includes a 24" x 36" full-color Marcellus-Utica Shale wall map.


Table of Contents

004 | Overview
Operators Enjoy Copious Gas And Some Liquids Too
Huge wells deliver world-class pay, world-class profits.

016 | Geology
The Upper Devonian Rhinestreet Shale
A fresh target getting consideration in the Appalachian basin in the Rhinestreet, a thick shale that lies above the Marcellus.

024 | Key Players
Liquids Action Drives Appalachian Profits
Northeastern shales offer tremendous gas volume potential, but the profits lie in wet gas and liquids.

064 | Technology
Drawing on New Drilling and Completion Technologies
Large pad sites are now a standard as operators and service companies boost wellsite efficiencies.

078 | Midstream
Northeast Production Creating Infrastructure Demand
New projects and infrastructure will be a major part of the landscape of the Marcellus and Utica shales in the next 10 years.

090 | Economics
The Appalachian Basin Continues to Attract Operators
Despite lower natural gas prices, activity within the Appalachian basin continues at a steady rate.


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