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Advances in Drilling 2012

2012 Advances in Drilling

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Service companies and drilling contractors have been busy developing new tools while upgrading and enhancing others to provide safer and better performing equipment. The goal is faster but less expensive drilling operations as well as improved quality boreholes for better casing and completions. The equipment runs the gamut from high build-rate rotary steerable systems (RSS) that can provide more than 17°/100 ft, resulting in operators reaching horizontal shale laterals more quickly and adding potentially hundreds of feet of extra productive zones, to a mud motor-based steerable system and a high-speed turbodrill.

A new drilling system combines the best RSS and drilling motors to drill low-angle curves. The system is steered by controlling the bit speed to cut in a precise angle to perform continuous 3-D directional control. The tool is viewed as a low-cost alternative to RSS since it uses a downhole motor and MWD system to drill 3-D directionally controlled wells with continuous rotation.

Another tool featured herein is an enhanced, generation high-speed turbodrill used directional drilling. It can deliver build rates 20°/100 ft when necessary as a result of its short bend ratio. In one comparison, the high-high-performance turbodrill outperformed motor by 55%.

A unique drilling system delivers a perforation tunnel that can increase production in damaged wells. The tool mills a casing window from the section of a damaged well and then clean perforation tunnel, kicking off from the to land a horizontal well bore within 10 is accomplished with a unique, patented articulated drillstring. A new transmission for mud motors has been designed, tested, and used in the significantly reduces vibration and results increased stator life and rotor life.

Meanwhile, drill bit designers and manufacturers continue to make application-specific bits, many designed almost exclusively for shale drilling.

Table of Contents

Advances in Drilling
New and improved technology provides more efficient drilling and results in better quality well bores.

RSS Continue to Impact the Industry
Advances in rotary steerable systems are facilitating the industry's ability to drill increasingly complex well designs.

Flexible Slimhole System Bypasses Damaged Zones
Drilling a perforation tunnel increases production in damaged wells.

Bit Designs Trend Toward Shale Development
Bit body designs are evolving to facilitate drilling in shale plays.

Advanced Technologies, Solutions Are Improving Wellbore Construction
One case history outlines the challenges of drilling well pairs from a pad in a SAGD field.

Newer Designs Focus on Geography
Manufacturers are designing rigs to be more compact and robust with special focus on the regions in which the rigs will operate.

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