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Permian Basin Playbook - Top North American unconventional resource play

2018 Permian Basin Playbook

$ 125.00

Table of Contents

004 | The Permian Basin - Wide Vistas Ahead?
The industry is starting to feel the strain from the region's frantic rate of development.

014 | Permian Basin Players Picking Up Production Pace
These top 20 Permian Basin operators are leading the way.

032 | Downhole Tech Solutions Drive Down Cost, Up Production
Contractors and operators alike are pushing the innovation envelope. 

052 | 3.2 Million Hangry Barrels
The Permian Basin takeaway situation will get worse before it gets better. 

066 | DUC and Abnormal DUC Counts Rise in Permian Basin
Infrastructure bottlenecks are impacting completion times. 

070 | The Permian Basin Shuffle
Operators continue moves to cut operating costs and increase efficiencies.

084 | Apache Prepares to Boost Production at Permian Basin's Alpine
Recent report indicates a steep production increase is on course for third- and fourth-quarter 2018.

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