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Capital Options Finding the Right Deal - Oil and gas energy finance

2017 Capital Options: Finding the Right Deal

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Table of Contents

005 | Compass Points
These experts share what's on their minds regarding OPEC's next moves, U.S. oil output forecasts, the natural gas macro outlook and more. 

010 | Bank Borrowing Grows as Producers Control Costs
Lenders gave independents time to heal, and now loan quality has risen.

016 | Private Equity Adapts
Action between private equity funds, their portfolio companies and asset sales still moves mountains, but hold times and strategies may have changed. 

022 | Non-Traditional Capital Bridges the Gap
Producers seek a simpler capital structure between debt and private equity.

025 | Energy Funds Target Subscription-Based Facilities 
Alternative debt financing, secured by a fund's limited partners, is another arrow in the quiver.

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