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2017 Artificial Lift Techbook

2017 Artificial Lift Techbook

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Artificial Lift Techbook 2017

The 2017 Artificial Lift Techbook is the 12th in a series of techbooks in which Hart Energy will provide comprehensive coverage of effective and emerging technologies in the oil and gas industry. Each techbook includes a market overview, a sample of key technology providers, case studies of field applications and exclusive analysis of industry trends relative to specific technologies. 

Table of Contents

002 | Pumping for the Future
Enhancements to artificial lift systems continue to evolve as operators strive to maximize output of maturing assets. 

004 | Investing for Enhanced Returns
Artificial lift is key in wells worldwide amid a lower-for-longer scenario.

008 | Service Companies Ready to Meet Challenges
The providers of artificial lift continue to develop innovative and cost-cutting technologies.

020 | Driving the Future of Artificial Lift
Contractors are looking to advancements in digitalization and automation. 

026 | Full Life Cycle, Extended Life Are The Goals
There is a shift in the industry's mindset regarding artificial lift other than rod pumps, and companies are starting to explore and perfect it. 

032 | Latest Technologies Form Future of Artificial Lift
Having the right technologies available enables operators to optimize well performance. 

038 | Solution to Sucker Rod Coupling Failures
Sucker rod coupling solves well failures resulting from production tubing and coupling wear. 

040 | Taking Artificial Lift 
Integrated platform increases ESP run life by 181% in challenging Mississippi Lime Formation. 

043 | Reducing Costs and Increasing Production
A look at a wear-resistant and wide-range system for use in artificial lift applications. 

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