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2015 Unconventional Yearbook - U.S. Resource Plays

2015 Unconventional Yearbook - U.S. Resource Plays

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Hart Energy's 2015 Unconventional Yearbook

The 2015 Unconventional Yearbook presents the most important facts and figures on the Top 20 US resource plays. This fifth edition of an annual series of data books provides an overview of current activity with snapshots of the regional plays, profiles of key players, a review of technology, a look at midstream activity, economic analysis and data, and a bibliography. Like the playbooks, the Unconventional Yearbook includes a full-color shale wall map.

Table of Contents

004 | Regional Snapshots: A Geologic Review of the Top 20 US Resource Plays

Snapshots of the 20 current unconventional plays scattered across North America and Canada are listed

022 | KEY PLAYERS: Playmakers Lead Resource Action

Get in early, get in big and create a resource factory. That is the key to success in resource plays.

092 | TECHNOLOGY: New Solutions for Effective Production Are Flourishing

Technological advances aim to make unconventional resource development more efficient.

112 | MIDSTREAM OVERVIEW: Physical Expansion Drives Fiscal Consolidation in the Midstream

Urges to merge among the largest midstream firms are expected to accelerate in 2015.

134 | MIDSTREAM KEY PLAYERS: Midstream a Capital Idea

Infrastructure capital spending is expected to top $80 billion per year into the next decade, with more mergers in the offing as midstream companies diversify across multiple shale plays.

160 | PRODUCTION FORECAST: Production Plans, Optimization Continue

Although oil prices are falling, efficiencies in the oil field have supported the rapid increase in unconventional production.

168 | BEYOND NORTH AMERICA: Ready, Set, Saturated... Shale Hits the Road

Some reticent countries embrace of developing their unconventional resources is warming, and some other interest has become red hot. Yet, challenges remain.

178 | REFERENCES: Additional Information on the Top 20 North American Resource Plays

For more details on the top 20 North American unconventional resource plays, consult these selected sources.


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