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2014 Unconventional Yearbook - U.S. Resource Plays

2014 Unconventional Yearbook - LIMITED SUPPLY

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Hart Energy's 2014 Unconventional Yearbook

The 2014 Unconventional Yearbook presents the most important facts and figures on the Top 20 US resource plays. This fourth edition of an annual series of data books provides an overview of current activity with snapshots of the regional plays, profiles of key players, a review of technology, a look at midstream activity, economic analysis and data, and a bibliography. Like the playbooks, the Unconventional Yearbook includes a full-color shale wall map.



Table of Contents

002 | Regional Snapshots: A Geologic Review of the Top 20 US Resource Plays

The US is in line to become the world's No. 1 oil-producing country in 2014.

024 | Key Players: US Unconventional Development Sets Standards, Records

The potential and challenges of the top 20 US established and emerging plays keep operators busy.

100 | Technology: Efficiency and Effectiveness Curves Drive Unconventional Production into 2014

From maximizing RSS on multiwell pads to integrated simulation strategies, emerging technologies showcase production increases.

126 | Midstream Overview: Midstream Operators Draw Closer to Producers as Both Seek to Optimize Shale Output

From boom to bonanza, the sheer size and scale of the unconventional revolution have dawned on both producers and processors. Many speak in terms of collaborating closely to develop basins most effeciently.

150 | Midstream Key Players: Money Following Midstream Demand

Private equity, master limited partnerships, and mergers are propelling a rapid expansion of natural gas and crude transportation and processing assets.

174 | Market Forecast: Continued Growth for North American Unconventionals

Production from shale and light tight oil formations ramps up, with liquids-rich plays attracting significant capex.

180 | References: Additional Information on the Top 20 US Resource Plays

For more details on the top 20 US unconventional resource plays, consult these select resources.


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