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2014 Natural Gas Infrastructure Data and Map Book

2014 Natural Gas Infrastructure Data and Map Book

$ 425.00

As an added bonus, when you purchase this book you get a 2-month membership to our Gas Capacity Data Online Service!

interstate pipeline systems data chart and graph

This 8th edition contains 97 interstate pipelines. In addition, the Interstate Natural Gas Infrastructure Data & Map Book contains maps and a vast amount of relevant data on interconnections and flows 26 gas storage facilities and 10 LNG terminals.

As an added bonus you will get a 2-month membership to our Gas Capacity Data Online Service!

  • 97 Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines (Maps and Statistics)
  • 26 Natural Gas Storage Facilities (Maps and Statistics)
  • 10 LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Terminals (Maps and Statistics)
  • 1 Large North American Gas Production & Flows Maps (printed across spread for better detail)
North American gas production and flows map

In summary: More maps & more data!

As well as presenting pipeline maps, this edition focuses on providing selected information regarding gas flows, receipt & delivery points, customer contracts, financial highlights, transportation rates, and fuel charges.

The additional information provided in this edition adds great value to understanding the US natural gas pipeline network, not only for new entrants to the industry, but also for experienced veterans who desire an easily accessible reference source with the most up-to-date, highly relevant data. Rextag is proud to publish what many are already calling "the annual standard reference guide for the gas industry".

Average monthly flows and design capacity charts

As an added bonus, when you buy during the pre-sale, you will get a 2 month membership to our

Gas Capacity Data Online Service!

We have done the research for you - more than 480 pages of Natural Gas Infrastructure information including:

  • General System Utilization
  • Gas Supply & Market Zones
  • Labeled Pricing Zones
  • Total System Capacity (in Bcf/d)
  • Flow Directions on Mainlines
  • Major Receipt and Delivery Points (Includes yearly average gas flows - in MMcf/d!)
  • Owners, Operators and total miles of pipelines
  • Number of Compressors
  • Total System Horsepower
  • Seasonal Storage (in Bcf)
  • System Capacity and Utilization (as indicated by throughput on the pipelines)
  • Financial Data
  • Top Transport Customers and Capacity
  • Top Storage Customer and Capacity
  • Selected Rates and Fuel
  • Revenue and Net Income (including past 4 years)
  • Expiring Contracts and Capacity (including past 4 years)
  • Annual Throughput and Storage Quantities (including past 4 years)
  • Monthly Throughput and System Utilization Chart (including past 4 years)
  • Gas Storage Headers and Interconnections
  • Storage Types and Capacity
  • LNG Facility's Send-Out Capacity, Customers, Pipeline Headers, total 2012 gas imports and nterconnections
  • North American Gas Production & Flows Map


Natural fuel gas pipeline transport customers

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