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2014 Artificial Lift Techbook

2014 Artificial Lift Techbook

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Artificial Lift Techbook 2014

The global market for artificial lift is rapidly expanding. From an estimated $9.3 billion of revenue in 2012, the industry is expected to reach $16 billion by 2018. North America accounted for more than 45% of the total market in 2012, and additional growth is anticipated through the end of the decade. This Techbook will explore the increasing demand for artificial lift technologies, with special emphasis on unconventional reservoirs. The techbook features a market overview, major types of lift and selection considerations, successes and challenges in artificial lift technology.

Table of Contents

004 | An Unconventional Spotlight for Artificial Lift
With more than 90% of the worlds wells using some form of artificial lift, the future is bright for the tried and true technology.

008 | Artificial Lift: A Market Overview
The artificial lift market looks bright thanks to unconventional, subsea and heavy oil installations.

014 | Market to See Extensive Growth in Next Five Years
Artificial lift key players are ready to meet challenges..

034 | Surviving the Renaissance
As horizontal wells mature in the U.S., operators will need to determine the best forms of artificial lift for maximum production.

014 | Newswell
Government updates energy resources numbers.

034| Happy Hunting For CSG At Bowen And Surat Basins
Play attracts increasing number of international majors drawn by CSG resource boom.

046 | Tackling the Challenge of Sand Production in
Unconventional Wells

Through seal redesign and new product offerings, one company finds success in improving ESP system reliability in unconventional wells.

050 | Production Boosting in Argentina with New
Artificial Lift Solution

A new solution provides an alternative to traditional artificial lift options for use in an emerging unconventional market.

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