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2016 Artificial Lift Techbook

2016 Artificial Lift Techbook

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Artificial Lift Techbook 2016

Artificial lift revenue is expected to reach $29 billion by 2022 globally, according to one study. Join Hart Energy as we explore its increasing demand. In this techbook, Hart Energy’s editors examine market trends and highlight the leading providers of artificial lift technologies. In addition, advances in automation, selection, deployment and optimization will be discussed alongside the challenges that keep operators searching for solutions. Case studies featuring examples of real-world applications will be included in the techbook. Types of lift to be addressed include ESP, PCP, beam pumps, rod lift, gas lift and more.

Table of Contents

002 | Global Artificial Lift Market Growth Slows
Impact of low oil and gas prices on the artificial lift market is felt but not as drastically as compared to other market sectors.

006 | Players Keep the Progress Pumping
These artificial lift key players stayed ahead of the game the past year via new technologies and services.

018 | An Unconventional Look at Artificial Lift
Providers look to collaboration and new technologies to keep production flowing in unconventional wells.

026 | Automation Leads to Optimization
The digital oil field is overtaking artificial lift, and the industry is a better place because of it

032 | Testing the Untestable
Accurate production trends on inaccessible remote ESP wells are obtainable.

036| Gas-lift Optimization Solutions for Boosting Operating Margins
Solution uses real-time well data to dynamically optimize production while operating within process and resource constraints.

040 | The Artificial Lift Gap
A new system combines the benefits of gas lift, multiphase flow conditioning practices, research, field testing and operator experience to close the lifting gap.

043 | Enhancing Value by Maximizing Production, Minimizing Operational Cost
New continuous capillary line tool helps deliver chemical downhole with improved efficiencies and reduced operational costs.

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