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2017 Unconventional Yearbook and Map

2017 Unconventional Yearbook and Map

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2017 Unconventional Yearbook and Map

Updated for 2017, the seventh annual Unconventional Yearbook with map showcases North America’s Efficiency through Technology.”

The oil and gas industry’s answer through challenging times has always been improved efficiency. As pressure mounts within the industry because of low oil prices and the resulting drop in capex, the industry is firing back by utilizing technology to offset these challenges.

The 2017 Unconventional Yearbook will explore the companies that have done the most in improving their technology to help operators improve efficiencies. In previous years, the playbook focused on shale plays. This year we take an insider approach to the technology advances behind those plays and the economics shaping the industry’s future.

The 2017 yearbook also includes a technology roundup from major service and supply companies. Position your company to be seen by potential clients all year long.

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