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North American LNG Infrastructure Map

North American LNG Infrastructure Map

$ 179.00

Detailed visualization of the LNG proposed and operational/under construction facilities (import, bidirectional, export and fuel supply/plant), major port, major roads, natural gas pipelines, major city and shale basin. Includes the North American LNG-fueled ships chart and proposed LNG fuel capacity projection, along with the LNG conversions factors chart.

Updated 2017

Map Features:

  • Full-color Wall Map 24" x 36"
  • North American LNG-Fueled Ships Under Development:
    Tanker, Offshore Service Vessel, Ferry, Container/RORO and Barge
    North American LNG Fueled Ships
  • Proposed North American LNG Fuel Capacity:
    Gallons Per Day projection through year 2020
    North American LNG Fuel Capacity
  • Approximate LNG Conversion Factors:
    LNG Conversion Factors
    • LNG (Metric tons, Cubic meters, Gallons, Cubit Feet and Barrels)
    • Gas (Mcf, Bcf, Cubic Meters and Cubic feet)
    • Mass LNG (Pounds)
    • Energy (MMBtu and Therm)
    • Fuel Equivalents (BOE, DGE and GGE)

Map Visualization – World-Scale LNG Facilities:

  • Major Port and Major Roads
    LNG Major Port and Major Roads
  • Natural Gas Pipelines, Major City and Shale Basin
    LNG Natural Gas Pipelines Major City Shale Basin
  • Proposed and Operational/Under Construction:
    • LNG Import
      North American LNG Import
    • LNG Bidirectional
      North American LNG Bidirectional
    • LNG Export
      North American LNG Export
    • LNG Fuel Supply/Plant Type
      North American LNG Fuel and Supply Plant

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