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Midcontinent Playbook with Map

2013 Midcontinent Playbook

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The red-hot Mississippi Lime play in north-central Oklahoma and south-central Kansas is a next-generation resource play: a conventional reservoir made far more economic by applying unconventional technology. Activity is surging, with hundreds of drilling permits filed and strong well results increasing the buzz. Meanwhile, the Anadarko Basin’s Woodford play is extending from the original Cana Woodford area into new regions particularly rich in liquids. This playbook includes a 24"x36" wall map.


Table of Contents

004 | Overview
Devonian Period Left Behind Midcontinent Playground
Ancient seas deposited enticing leftovers in the Mississippi Lime and Woodford shales.

016 | Key Players
Midcontinent Pushes Oil Shale Boom
The Woodford sources the hottest Oklahoma and Kansas shale plays.

058 | Technology
A New Age Boom in an Old Age Play
Drilling and completing the complex Mississippi Lime and Woodford plays require the latest technologies and involve numerous challenges.

070 | Midstream
Can't Touch This
Current projects will make the Midcontinent's good infrastructure even better.

076 | Economics
Liquids-rich Production Booming in the Midcontinent Region
Oily and liquids-rich plays in the midcontinent continue to attract operators.

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