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Midstream Capital Formation Financing the Buildout

2017 Midstream Capital Formation: Financing the Buildout

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As the great North American buildout continues, opportunities remain positive for the capital market. With steady, low interest rates, midstream partnerships continue to entice Wall Street with returns hard to find elsewhere. Investors want solid, experienced teams offering sound projects, and in turn, midstream operators need dependable capital providers to fund all as aspects of the proposed project, including pipelines, tanks and fractionators. This Midstream Business issue gives you the exposure on who the players are and how they are optimizing potential, while mitigating commodity impacts. 

Table of Contents

002 | Plenty of Money, But Easy Growth Opportunities Elusive
Wariness lingers on what, and where, the midstream sector needs to emphasize as the buildout continues.

012 | Four Views On Midstream Capital
Things are better but questions linger about capital formation.

019 | Investor What?
Talking to investors may be part of what you do in the C-suite, even if investor relations is not in your job description. 

022 | Going Public
Conducting an initial public offering for an MLP can be a complex undertaking with multiple steps. 

028 | Directory
Discover contact information for 300+ professionals in advisory, commercial and investment banking, private equity, and debt.

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